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A good set of teeth not only enhances beauty of a person but also helps you to chew and digest the food. But nowadays due to life style, eating and drinking pattern people face early teeth decay problem. Since long, people are trying to deal with the natural teeth replacement, to deal with teeth issue. And, where to go if you are looking for the best dental treatment in India? That is what we will be discussing below. Before we talk about best dental implant in India, let us brief you what exactly is dental implant? Dental implant is a surgical interface. In this procedure denture, crown and bridge is connected to the jaw bone for support. In an advanced, dental implants in India the bond for bone is formed with titanium and this process is called as Osseo integrate. After this bond of bone, the crown, denture or a bridge is placed into the jawbone below the gum line. Implant does not look like dentures and gives a natural looks and it is also good for overall oral health. Dental implants are nothing but a different way to replace the lost teeth. Moreover, they are fixed in your jaw bone so they can function more like your natural tooth. Implants can be use for replacing single tooth; they can replace several teeth to hold the fixed bridge or they can be use to secure removable dentures. Dental implants are ideal for replacing lost teeth. But we would like to mention the alternatives; this includes fixed bridges, removable dentures, root canal therapy. In removable fitting dentures can be re-made for better fit or to re-line to keep the gum and jawbone healthy and in root canal therapy, root treated teeth can be fully restored with a post and crown. Missing teeth should always be replaced, otherwise the remaining teeth may move causing the bite to collapse and correcting this can be costly and difficult. When you going for a dental implant treatment in India, dentist will take a complete medical and dental evaluation and develop a plan. This to ensure that you do not have any health condition that makes surgery difficult. A number of different diagnostic tools such as CT scans or dental X-rays are used for best dental implant In India. So your implants can be placed with precision and with minimum risk. There are two stages involved in Dental implant procedure. There are mainly 3 types of dental implants in India.

Endosteal implant: This implant is very similar to subperiosteal implant. In this, the tooth is molded or shaped to fix in the cavity of the jaw directly and once the gum tissues are healed, second surgery is performed to connect the original implant.

There are mainly 2 types of Endosteal Dental implants. Plate Form Implant:Plate form implant is mainly recommended to the people whose jaw bones are very narrow for root form implant. This implant is made up of metal. Root Form Implant: Basically in this dental implant in India the root of the missing tooth is replaced with the crown. They are made up of titanium, which actually looks like natural tooth or the other teeth in your mouth. Subperiosteal implant: This implant consists of metal framework, which is attached to the gum above your jawbone and once the gum tissue is healed, the frame is fixed to the jaw bone. These frames are use as anchors for the replacement teeth, which will be attached to the implant by dentist. This implant covers the large surface area; this is mostly recommended to the people those who have lost bone tissue from their jawbone.


Transosseous implant: This implant is quite similar to Endosteal implant, this implant is inserted to the entire width of jawbone. This implant is secured with nut and bolt. All the above are the basic types of dental implants, there are various other procedure for the implants such as Ramus frame implant, Root form titanium implant, blade form implants, two stage dental implants etc. Dental implants may vary from cases to cases considering the medical history of the patient and the amount to the teeth. There is not a perfect definition of implants; it depends upon the dental medical need of the patient. Similarly, the dental implant price in India also varies, depending upon the implant brand selected.